Some Helpful tips to on handling your plumbing emergency


1. Turn off the gas valve besides the water heater. Turn top dial from on to off position. In case you have an electric water heater, turn off the power on the water heater.
2. Turn off the water supply with the valve located at the top of the heater. Turn handle clockwise until it stops.
3. Drain heater by connecting a hose to the water drain valve, at the bottom of the tank. Run other end of the hose to a lower location, and open the drain faucet or open hot water faucet inside the building so air will enter the tank and permit it to drain.
4. Call your licensed plumber 214-780-6453


Becoming familiar with the general structure of the drains in your home will help you know whether this is a job you can tackle. Even if you do need to call in the experts, you will have a better idea of how to cope until they arrive. Regularly cleaning your drainpipes and repairing old or broken pipes could certainly reduce the chances of a future plumbing disaster. All drains work on the simple principle that water runs down hill. When a drain is clogged, it usually means something is blocking the water from streaming according to that law of gravity. Once you know where the clog is you may then perform a drain cleaning.


1. If you notice water coming from your floor then you might have a possible slab leak. make sure that you dont have any water thats running in your house
2. Go to your water meter next to your side walk and look at the center dial of the meter. If your center dial on your meter is turning and you dont have any water running then there is a possibility that you have a slab leak
3. Call your license plumber to pull a pressure test to locate and repair leak
4. Turn your water off at the main water meter till a plumber gets there to prevent any further damage


1. Shut off the water at the back of the toilet where the shut off valve is at
2. Check toilet to see if it is cracked or if steadily running
3. Check flex line to see if it is damaged
4. Remove top cover of tank and check water level
5. If you have experience on toilets, trouble shoot the situation and fix it accordingly
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